ABMA Community

The ABMA is excited to unveil our new ABMA Community on 15 November 2023! 


This platform will be an incredible resource to further engage with members via several broad topic communities, a member directory, learn from peers in a library, and allows members to access all of the ABMA publications.  With all the planning to create this new member resource to make it as seamless as possible we, unfortunately, must have every ABMA member reset their password at their next ABMA login, starting 15 November.  We know it’s a small hassle and we attempted many avenues of coding but this was our easiest option.  Trust us, the benefits will be worth it!


How do you gain access to the new ABMA Community?

There are two (2) ways to get there but first you must login to the ABMA website- www.theabma.org

Option 1)Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and look for the button ABMA Community just below the social media boxes.  You'll be taken to your logged in community page!

Option 2)On the member’s heading, click the Member Resources then Community OR scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on ABMA Community (coming soon) OR download the app (see below for this information)

-You will arrive on your logged in ABMA Community page.  This is a fully integrated website that looks part of the ABMA website but you are not on the ABMA website.  The login was designed to be seamless so there is not another password to remember to gain access to the community page- just click on the access link at the top of this page and you'll be engaging with the membership in a whole new way!  

-Login to the ABMA Community page directly- https://community.theabma.org – with your ABMA credentials AFTER you have changed your password on the ABMA website.  


The ABMA Community app!

You will still need to login to the ABMA website and update your password but then you can download the Connected Community app from your preferred app store.  Here’s a link to what you’re looking for: Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  Enter your ABMA credentials to gain access to the ABMA community.  If you are asked for the community domain, it is: community.theabma.org   


What to Expect from the ABMA Community?

This is an email-based community and you have full control over how you will receive these emails.  Initially, every member will be automatically enrolled in each of our 4 communities and will be receiving a daily digest email.  The communities are:
1)ABMA Announcements & General Discussions
2)Animal Training
3)Animal Welfare
4)Behavioral Enrichment
Once you login, you can change how often you receive these emails or opt-out of a community.  These community emails will come from:
Animal Behavior Management Alliance (DoNotReply@ConnectedCommunity)
Make sure to check your inbox or spam and mark this as a safe email so you don’t miss out on engaging with the ABMA membership!


Let's get started on becoming active in the ABMA Community!  Follow these steps to gain full access to your new community.

  1. Update your Profile - add a picture so we can put a face to the name
  2. Visit the member directory and request to connect with other members
  3. Find the "Introduce Yourself" thread and post a hello
  4. Reply to a post or start a new one  You can do this within any community.

We hope you enjoy this new member benefit and the opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise with your peers. Let us know if you have any questions that pop up along the way.  You can reach the ABMA Community team at this email- abmacommunity@theabma.org.

Have fun, and talk to you soon!